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It was Feb 7th 1979 the ice storm had settled through the night but it was something well someone coming in the height of noon. It was then at 25° Patsy Burgess felt the 1st contraction of Diana Ross latest hit The Boss was on her way. I was the 4th and final child and so I received 4 names. My momma from Alabama my daddy from Louisiana you mix that Negro with that Creole and get Lisa Monay-Marie Burgess and to quote Michael Jackson Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Being the youngest of four women I picked up on a lot of different styles and passions be it hair makeup clothes even personalities all of it formed me. A person who lived on stage singing acting dancing and now fashion my journey led me here and I didn’t even know it. I was that go to friend you dare not go shopping or pick out any clothes for any reason without my help and I loved it. All I wanted to do was make sure everybody felt wonderful in whatever they had on.

That Fashion Bug took me all the way through High School changing so many of my friends prom and graduation outfits even a few of their aunts wedding dresses. So what did I do after graduation I went into retail. Working at a plus size women’s clothing chain I found my way to make sure everyone was happy in every garment they bought. I even had clients who did their shopping  around my work schedule even when I was busy they would wait.

After going to college to get my degree in Business Administration and continuing my life I always felt like something was missing but through all of that I always took my clothes to the cleaners to get altered I had to change them just a little bit. I still had my clients from my retail days so I started doing the same thing with their clothes. Something just to separate us from everyone else. As women there are so many ways to express ourselves when it comes to our look and I think I hit them all. Watching a lot of plus size women have a hard time shopping for items that not only compliment their figures but, is eye appealing and as a plus size woman myself, I wanted all women to dress beautiful, feel beautiful and know that they are beautiful.

So on Feb 7th 2004 I turned 25 it was 25° outside and that’s when I decided to go back to college for a degree in fashion design. And there LisaMonay was reborn and gave birth to L.i Collections. I am a Stylish Visionary Advisor Creative Director Nationally known Fashion Designer I am chasing my dream making my brand for all women but focusing on my #ThickThighLadies we are taking this world by storm. Through fashion shows, photoshoots, interviews and even by example letting everyone know that sexy comes in all sizes. #BeautyHasNoBarriers

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